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USB Micro
Micro version of the best selling twister. Can be fitted with any memory size - ...

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from £-98.71p

Digital Domed USB
Printed in full colour and available in either square round rectangular or oval shapes. Any ...

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from £-98.58p

Dual Purpose Keyboard Brush And Screen Cleaner
Dual Purpose Keyboard Brush And Screen ...

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from £0.43p

Retractable USB Extension Cable
Retractable USB Extension Cable ...

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from £0.80p

Neoprene Mouse Pad Bag
Neoprene Mouse Pad ...

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from £1.09p

Fibre Optic Keyboard Brush Light
Fibre Optic Keyboard Brush ...

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from £1.53p

Computer Ghost
With screen cleaner and keyboard ...

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from £1.62p

Wifi Detector Keyring
Wifi Detector ...

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from £1.70p

Turtle Shaped, Folding 4 USB Hubs
Turtle Shaped, Folding 4 USB ...

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from £1.77p

USB 4 Port Hub Blue/Blue
Four port USB hub. Make computer life easier with this high tech addition. Large print ...

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from £2.05p

4 Port USB Hub
Star shaped with a suction cup on the ...

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from £2.26p

Sim Flip Back Up
Mobile phone sim card back ...

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from £2.28p

USB Flexible Desk Top Fan And Light
USB Flexible Desk Top Fan And ...

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from £2.34p

Power Saver Computer Button
Power Saver Computer ...

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from £2.40p

Mood Flower Hub
4 port USB hub which changes between 7 different ...

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from £2.83p

Cyber Clean
Use and re-use this cleaning compound for all your desk devices. It absorbs dust ...

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from £3.43p

Light Up Hub
Light Up ...

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from £3.76p

In-Desk 4 Port USB Hub, Fits Into 3" Opening On Desk
In-Desk 4 Port USB Hub, Fits Into 3" Opening On ...

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from £3.88p

4 Port USB Mouse Pad With Blue Led
4 Port USB Mouse Pad With Blue ...

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from £4.55p

Auto Rise 4 Port USB Desk Hub
Auto Rise 4 Port USB Desk ...

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from £4.77p

USB Phone Charger
Complete with 3 adaptors for even the latest ...

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from £4.78p

11 in 1 Card Reader
Compatible with SD mini SD MMC RS-MMC (4.0) MS MS Duo MS Pro Duo T-Flash ...

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from £4.83p

Mini Computer Kit
Mini Computer Kit With Ethernet Cord, 4 Port Hub And Usb Light ...

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from £5.07p

Stowaway Mouse
The USB connector of this rubber or plastic feel mouse is stored in the ...

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from £5.09p

Web Mouse
Stylish wired mouse with a pre-programmed web link ...

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from £5.33p
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USB Hubs

Welcome to the USB Hubs section of, we’re a comprehensive, easy-to-use, UK supplier of USB Hubs, able to meet your every USB Hubs business need. USB Hubs are a great means by which to gain exposure for your brand name or event. No doubt at this very moment there is a promotional gift on your desk, or by your phone, with a brand name that you have acknowledged countless times. Research show that 6 of 10 purchasers who are looking for a service or product will use a company from which they have a promotional gift on their desk such as USB Hubs. Whether you are looking for inexpensive, high volumes of USB Hubs, or maybe a high quality executive present, we are equipped to deal with your every requirement. Here at Cherrything promotional gifts we pride ourselves on our ability to delivery USB Hubs at the lowest cost and we delivery USB Hubs when no else can or often will even try for you. Your friendly staff will help and advise you, provide you with free visual of USB Hubs showing your branding. We’re here to help with your USB Hubs requirement so contact us today.

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